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The START pack for the company formation in Serbia is aimed at foreign citizens who need exactly our speed, expertise and great experience in establishing business entities. All you need to start your business is in the offer of this pack. By filling out a unique online form, you quickly and efficiently arrive at the establishment of a company in Serbia. With the provision of professional legal support, shortening procedures and professional mediation, we save you time, energy and money and provide you with all the necessary documentation that will be ready before your arrival in Serbia where it is necessary to stay only one day so that the complete documentation will be officially certified to your signature.

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The START pack includes the conduct of the registration process of the company with the creation of the founding act and the preparation of other documentation necessary for the establishment of a company in Serbia. The price of the START pack includes a fee for the establishment, a fee for the certification of documents with a notary public, as well as the costs of stamp design and lawyer engagement. You also have the opportunity to open an account at the bank without going to the bank, with the pre-prepared complete documentation for opening an account. Take advantage of the START pack capabilities and quickly start the work of your new company in Serbia.