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The BUSINESS pack offers you complete business support when starting a business in Serbia. In addition to the quick and simple establishment of a company in Serbia , ordering this pack gives you a set of key services for a stable development from the very beginning. Tax consultations and contact with a licensed accountant provide you with the ability to notify about all regulations relating to financial records and bookkeeping, thus preventing business errors and potential penalties for misdemeanors. The promotional price of the pack also includes all the costs of the establishment (APR fee, stamp design, lawyer engagement, tax application), as well as the costs of verifying the documentation with a notary, which will require your presence in Serbia for one day. With the provision of professional legal support, shortening procedures and professional mediation, we save you time, energy and money and provide you with all the necessary documentation to activate your business. By consolidating all of these services, this pack provides you with multiple savings.

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The BUSINESS pack includes the conduct of the registration process of the company with the preparation of the founding act and the preparation of the necessary documentation. The price of the BUSINESS pack includes a fee for the establishment of a company, the costs of making seals, creating and submitting the appropriate tax application, and opening a business account without going to the bank. Take advantage of the possibilities of BUSINESS pack and provide complete support for the work of your new company in Serbia.