Company formation in Serbia
Direkta ensures complete, fast and efficient company registration in Serbia with full business support.
Favorable and stimulating business environment
Serbia is one of few countries with the lowest corporate income tax in Europe. Together with its exceptionally favorable geographic location, it has highly qualified workforce and wide-known IT experts. Operate within one of Serbian free zones, enjoy competitive operating costs, duty-free regime for most of the key industrial products, and open your way to new markets for your company.
The most suitable legal form for setting up business in Serbia is a limited liability company (d.o.o.) which corresponds to the form of limited liability partnership (LLP) by its strucutre. It can have one or more founders who join both their capital and resources, whereas the liability is limited to the founding capital of the company. Also, a company can have one or more directors, which offers the opportunity to manage the new business competently and efficiently . According to Serbian legislation, foreign citizens have equal legal conditions for company formation in Serbia. In addition, the minimum amount of founding capital for company registration in Serbia is less than 1 €. The company's address can be anywhere on the territory of Serbia, which opens numerous opportunities for investment and development. The whole process of establishing a company in Serbia can be carried out in just a few days with the professional guidance and coordination of all necessary legal steps. Do you know what is the fastest way to set up a business in Serbia?
3 steps to company registration in Serbia
Check the company name
The first important condition for the successful company registration in Serbia is to think of original and available company name.
Choose the pack of services
Save time and money by choosing the most suitable combination of services according to your business plan.
Sign the documents
When we prepare all the papers, you need one-day stay in Belgrade to sign the documents and to certify them with the public notary.
otvaranje firme odabir naziva
otvaranje firme odabir paketa
Ready for company
formation in Serbia?

Have you chosen the name for the company in Serbia?

Your business name is a key factor in creating a unique identity and leaving your clients with an impression. In terms of company registration in Serbia, it is necessary to create a name that is genuine and that differs from the names of other already registered companies.
Direkta offers an online service to check the name of your future company and free online consultation for choosing the right name. Enter the company name suggestion, your name and e-mail address in the fields provided and within a few hours you will be informed about the availability of the suggested name. After that, you are only one step away from the company formation and doing business in Serbia.

Business name check availability

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What we do for you?
Our team is at your disposal for all that is necessary for the company registration in Serbia and successful business setup. We create and prepare all necessary documentation in accordance with Serbian regulations, organize certification with the notary, conduct the entire process of registering the company, provide adequate tax consulting, obtain company stamp, open bank account without going to the bank, and if necessary, we keep your books in line with the best bookkeeping practices.
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conducted consultations
satisfied clients
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All you need to start a successful business in Serbia

Choose a pack of services in line with the needs of your new company in Serbia and provide a solid basis for further development.
The packages of our services are intended for foreign citizens who need fast, professional and efficient company formation in Serbia. We have covered all aspects of successful business setup with a unique opportunity to finish everything in one place. With professional legal support, shortening procedures and professional mediation, we save you time, energy and money and provide you with a focus on developing your business, while we are performing all necessary administrative tasks for you. From the first day you can do business professionally because Direkta provides you with all the necessary support.
otvaranje firme paketi direkta
Founding Act creation
Public notary certification
Registration fees
Company stamp
Founding Act creation
Public notary certification
Registration fees
Company stamp
Bank account opening
Accounting counseling
Tax application
Founding Act creation
Public notary certification
Registration fees
Company stamp
Bank account opening
Accounting counseling
Tax application
Residence permit application
Domain (.rs) registration
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Virtual Office

Get the address of your company in Serbia

We offer virtual office rental and office-related services at several exclusive locations in Belgrade. These services include receiving calls and post, as well as the possibility to use top corporate space for the full functionality of your new company in the initial period.

Web design and internet marketing

Professional internet presentation of your company

With visually effective design, high quality content and strategic internet marketing plan, we provide you with the opportunity to break into the Serbian market from the very start of your company's operations.
osnivanje firme internet marketing
Bookkeeping support
Managing business records with tax and administrative consultations is crucial for starting a business. If you want to ensure stable development and to operate in accordance with the laws of the country where you do business.
We provide effective tax counseling so that you can choose the most suitable model of taxation. Also, we help you to perform mandatory legal steps such as registering with the relevant Tax Administration within the appropriate time limit. We can also help you with the application for compulsory social security for all your employees as well as the calculation of their earnings. Records of your business transactions will be conducted by licensed professionals in the field of accounting and auditing that will take care of financial aspects of your business using the latest accounting softwares for perfect accuracy.
Follow the process of company registration in Serbia
We have provided our clients with a unique opportunity to track their company registration in real time. As our client you will be fully informed about the company formation procedure following its every single step.
After ordering one of our service packs, you are entitled to use a single digital tool to monitor the status of your order. With My Account option on our site, you will be able to follow the procedure in real time. The status tracking system is implemented so you can at any time know the stage of your case and what time is left until your company is registered. Transparency of the process allows you to devote your precious time to other activities and let us successfully finish all the administrative tasks you appointed to us.
Why should you choose Direkta for company formation?
Everything in one place
With professional organisation, we give you the opportunity to finish everything in one place.
Follow the procedure in real time
Keep up with the procedure for establishing a company in Serbia with real time notifications.
Team of experts at your disposal
Our team covers regulatory, financial and marketing aspects of your business in Serbia.
Virtual office
We provide your business space completely in accordance with your business needs.
Complete inhouse support
We provide all the necessary regulatory and administrative support when establishing a company.
Online consultation
Our live chat gives you the opportunity to get instantly all necessary info about the procedure.
Janko Đorđević
Master doo, direktor
“Brzo, profesionalno i efikasno! Dobio sam mnogo bitne instrukcije pre osnivanja firme na konsultacijama i nakon par dana već sam mogao da počnem da radim. Sve preporuke za Direktu!”
Momir Jakovljević
Pro Star doo, osnivač
“Posebne pohvale za korisničku podršku Direkte koja je uvek na raspolaganju i daje odgovore na sva pitanja vezana za osnivanje firme. Koristio sam njihov chat tokom celog procesa osnivanja svoje firme i bio prezadovoljan komunikacijom.”
Jelena Korać
Interna doo, direktor
“Osnivanje firme je u potpunosti prepušteno timu Direkte i sve je završeno u dogovorenom roku. Nakon toga ostvarili smo uspešnu saradnju vezanu za pravni konsalting. Odlični su, sve preporuke za ceo tim!”
Office space rental
In addition to renting a virtual office, in cooperation with a partner company for renting business premises, we also offer you the possibility of renting out offices in corporate parts of Belgrade.
The special convenience is that you can pay for as much office space as you need at the beginning, and later you can add more space with the increase of your business in Serbia. All offices are equipped with modern furniture, telephone devices and secure WiFi internet connection.
Da li je obavezno lično prisustvo osnivača firme?
Lično prisustvo svih osnivača firme je potrebno samo prilikom overe potpisa na osnivačkom aktu, kao i za potpisivanje dokumentacije za otvaranje računa u banci, što sve može da se organizuje u toku jednog radnog dana.
Da li je potreban zvaničan prevod dokumenata?
Zvaničan prevod dokumenata za osnivanje nije potreban za sam proces registracije. Ukoliko je potrebno organizovati prevodioca tokom konsultacija za osnivanje ili prilikom zvanične overe, u potpunosti Vam možemo izaći u susret.
Koliko traje osnivanje firme u Srbiji?
Celokupan proces osnivanja traje svega par radnih dana. Nakon osnivanja, u zavisnosti od paketa usluga koji odaberete, ostale aktivnosti se mogu organizovati u vrlo efikasnom i kratkom roku.
Koliko dana je potrebno biti u Srbiji tokom osnivanja firme?
Proces osnivanja firme u Srbiji smo doveli do maksimuma što se tiče efikasnosti, tako da sve aktivnosti koje zahtevaju lično prisustvo možemo organizovati da se obave u toku samo jednog dana boravka u Srbiji.
Da li direktor može biti strani državljanin?
Da, zakon dozvoljava tu mogućnost uz obaveznu prijavu boravka za nerezidente. Prijavom se dobija lični broj koji omogućava zapošljavanje, socijalno osiguranje i sve druge zakonske opcije lica ovlašćenog za zastupanje firme.
Da li posredujete prilikom otvaranja računa u banci?
Da. Naša ideja je da vam omogućimo da ispunite sve zakonske korake prilikom osnivanja firme u Srbiji na jednom mestu, uz maksimalnu uštedu vremena i minimum vašeg angažovanja.
Do you need online consultations with us?
Check out all aspects of business in Serbia before the company registration.